The lake was beautiful. Even though it was made by Hitler.. I fed these fish that were a good 2 and a half feet long!!! they were huge! I liked one of them better then the rest caust he says please when he wants food. He was so cute, and he was the biggest one there. He was about 3 feet long and really fat. My family says im learning German very fast, and I have good pronunciation =D. School started already!! Its so  overwhelming. I need to take the buse to get to school. and it makes a total of about 15 minuets. I ate a crep with nutella and banana and the banana tasted weird warm. but nutella is delicious! They said they will take me out on the lake in one of those peddle boats that four people can go in. It will be me, Tolga, Duygu and Till. there such amazing people. Tolga and Duygu are Brother and sister. Till is Duygus Boyfriend.


~ by budderbean on July 2, 2010.

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