New places ^^ (exciting)

Yesterday a couple people and I decided to  go into town and “hang” out a little bit and eat and what ever… and so I took the train( this was before I got together with my friends) with my friend Mahsa (also my neighbor) and there were these boys. I would say they were around 13ish… lol they were so cute! One of them was doing this thing with Mahsa that made us both laugh so hard. He would look at her, then look away, then look back and stare a while, then look away. I noticed this and told her and we would both look at him and laugh a little then look away… ect. and people got in her way so she would lean pretty far to see if he was looking (which he was) and she would quickly return to normal. hahahahhaahhahaha we did this for a good 20 minuets. About 5 minuets before we got of we were at a stop, and an older gentleman got on the train so Mahsa and I got up to give the man our seats. well he stood there and didnt sit. Mahsa look at me as if talking to the man and said ” OO he better sit! I gave up a good seat for him” and she kept going lol and he has got to be in his 90’s ill say. and he never sat. It was a little frustrating at first then it was just funny… So when we got off at Kropcke (the main meeting place in town) we waited for the train to star moving. She waved goodbye and smiled and what not, and all he did was a weird smile thingy…. hahhahahahah


~ by budderbean on August 22, 2009.

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