Hey, Everything here is going great. My family is amazing. I have a younger brother, Tolga, and my parents, Turgay and Nalan. I have been here three months now and are just now getting a little bit ” Home-sick”.  But just a little bit, nothing to worry about. Two weeks ago my family took me to Turkei with them. Our initial flight was delayed for two hours.. at a 2 am flight! we didn’t get there till about 7 or 8 am. And the flight back was delayed 4 hours at a 11 pm flight… But then after we got there we slept for a while at our hotel. We landed in Istanbul and drove to Ankara. I met their family there and it was a great experience. I saw so much and I love to travel and Rotary helped me put down the first stepping stones to my new life. After what happened I really needed a “distraction” from my home life. I was one of the most effected people in my family. so coming here has helped me in many ways. I have been going to German lessons and its helping me but the grammar is so hard!! I never thought learning a language was so difficult. But I am trying and it has only been three months so.. i consider myself normal. haha


~ by budderbean on November 10, 2009.

One Response to “HALLo”

  1. Wow, Hannah, what a great adventure you are having over there. My gosh, how many of us will ever get to Turkey, like you just did, I ask? Pretty exciting, I’d say,

    I sure hope you’re keeping a Journal of each day, over there. Someday you will just treasure reading it, as I’m sure you’ll forget a lot of stuff, but your Journal will have it all recorded. Such beautiful and meaningful memories to store away as you travel along on your “adventure” path.

    Aunt Julie and I hope you received our Halloween Csrd, and letters tucked inside, that we sent you. We thought the card had a great message in it. Time is going by so fast that we’re already past Thanksgiving. Now, onto Christmas. I can just imagine how lovely many towns in Germany will be decorated. Does your host family celebrate Christmas?

    Our newest member of the family, “Molly,” is stealing all of our hearts away. She is just the sweetet dog. She and Sydney have a ball rough-housing inside, and chasing each other, miles an hour, outside. She is sooooo pretty…just like a mini-Lassie.
    I’ve wanted another Collie dog for so many years, she is my “Dream come true.” Her whole name is: Molly Rachelle!

    Well, Hannah, looking forward to reading more about your fun adventures over there. Sounds like you’re making the most of your time there, too, as you’re taking in the sights and learning a new culture. How great is that? Gotta run. Take care and stay warm.
    Luv ya lots,
    Grandma Betty XXOO

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