Ok… Today

Today I woke up at 6ish am. Not off to a great start either. Today is the day Duygu left.DUYGU She is on her way to start her own adventure in North Carolina. We went to the airport at about 6:45 and her bags were checked in and we stood there for a little while, then My friend Mahsa started to cry then Duygu started to cry, the Janine started to cry, then everyone started crying… Airports are like the DMV. You don’t want to go to them because there full of emotions and make people uncomfortable… and you have to wait FOREVER, but in the end you have to do it anyway.

We just got back about an hour or two ago and dugy called. She just landed in Munich. I think its funny because the whole time all I was thinking about was our little joke… so when Till started to talk to her I asked him if he would tell her, “Don’t forget Jason” hahahaha thats our joke. Its ALL about Jason. But the funny thing is, you cant explain it. Jason is unexplainable. Everyone asked who is Jason? “well…. Jason is Jason”. Tell me about him? whats he like? “uhhhhhh…. His name is Jason.” hahaha we cant stop laughing.. ahhhhh good times.

I am going swimming today with some Rotary kids. I am meeting them under the Horse at the train station. we need to take 3 trains to get to the lake. 3! But I am so excited. It is unbelievable how expensive Germany is! like.. wow. AND I didn’t know that I needed to buy insurance here, and it costs 365 euros. So instead of my club giving me allowance there going to use it for the insurance. which is three months worth of allowance. so i got three months of what ever i have already! so I cant really do a whole lot of shopping..

I cant believe I have been here for a little over 2 weeks…

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA random ramble… I love it… OOHH German classes are going good. I think i made some friends in rotary now! One is named Carlos (from Mexico), Jillian (from USA), Alfonso (Mexico), and Jason (New York). there all really nice.

WELL time to go swim ^^


~ by budderbean on August 19, 2009.

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