New Year and Then some

Ok, so I know its been FOREVER since I wrote the last blog here.. its not that im so busy to write it or that I dont have time cause of home work, no… its cause I dont remember to and sometimes I just don’t feel like writing . Yah I know thats bad of me but,  It isnt easy here ill tell you that. HA. I have to put a reminder on my computer to write in here. How sad is that? Anyways, so last year I was with the Günes family. I had Christmas there and I was even sick on Christmas this year… like I couldn’t even eat the dinner… My dinner was bread with cheese melted on it. Not the Duck, potatoes, broccoli, apple thingy.. etc. SO after then delicious dinner, we did presents and had a great time doing it. Nothing really happened between Christmas and New Years. We went to Nalan’s brother’s house and had a little family get together. Then we all went out to a Greek restaurant. Played some board games. Then went home.

New years was interesting this year. I was supposed to go out with my friends and then last minuet I was told I couldn’t sleep over so I would have to leave around 2-ish. the thing is though, the bus stops running and midnight and doesn’t start again till 6 am. My parents couldn’t drive because of all the snow,  the slippery roads and the time. So, I couldn’t go. I knew it was sad, but I did get to spend New Years with my parents here and we drank sekt and had a blast with the fireworks. I was also lucky to Have New Years with my Mom and Brother back home.  As we were speaking the doorbell rang. It was the package I sent to them!!! I got to see their faces as they opened their gifts and try the *stuff* My parents bought them. We talked for about 3 hours! Then as I went to sleep, at 9 am we talked again so I could celebrate theirs as well. This year I got two New Years hahaha.

I am now in a new House. I moved on the 2nd of January. My family is German, I have a little sister named Viktoria, she is 13, my Mom’s name is Suzanne, and my Dad is Heinz-Werner. My first full day in the house we went to a Hot Spring. It was super fun, and the water was not chlorine it was salty! natural salts.. good for the skin too. and I also realized another thing… I need to start more exercise. I know it goes with being an exchange student, but wow. at the beginning I gained a lot. Total  10 kilos. I am now in Aerobics class to help this unwanted weight go away! I live 10 mins from the school so I walk everyday. With the snow I cant ride the bike otherwise that would be faster.  Got to go eat ❤ till next one hopefully sooner then this one hahahah


~ by budderbean on January 15, 2010.

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