Towards the end.

Ok, so I know I haven’t written one of these blogs in over half a year. Because I forgot completely about it!! So I have only 26 days left. That time is going down pretty fast. In the beginning the time went so slow… Like it couldn’t move slow enough. But now that I look back on my year here and think about it.. It went all to fast. I didn’t have the time I thought I would have. Over the past year I have changed a lot. Into someone who, not only writes poems, but someone who isn’t scared anymore to be who she is. I tried so hard to fit in with everyone and it didn’t work out. So why try to be someone your not? Once I stopped trying, I started fitting in. Kind of weird huh? It also helped that I could speak some German. So I have been here doing my own thing, being me.


~ by budderbean on July 2, 2010.

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