My House

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Here are some pics of my new place…

My new home in Germany

My new home in Germany

Here are some other ones of the outside:

Outside Home Guenes



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School is a totally different world for me. There I am  the American Girl who cant speak much German. LOL… That’s going to change. I have very interesting classes. Every day is a different schedule!

Its kind of confusing on Montag (monday) I have Geography for 2 periods, Math for two periods, Politics for two periods, then i have 2 periods off, then i have Music for 1 period and then I go home. Dienstag (tuesday) English for 2 periods, Math for 2 periods, Music for 2 periods, and then Chemesty for 2 periods then I go home. Mittwoch (wednesday) I have the first 6 classes off then I have Spanish for 2 classes, then German for 1 class, then I go home. Donnerstag (thursday) I have the first 2 classes off, then I have German for 2 periods, Spanish for 1 period, English for 1 period, and Physics for 2 periods, then I go home. Freitag (friday) I have History for 2 periods, then the next 4 off, then I have Biology for 2 periods, then I go home.

yah… really confusing the first time i saw it too. lol I was like… what!! I have to do Chem Bio AND PHYSICS!!! crap… lol but It all good now.

My First Couple Days

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All I can say is wow. My flight over here was pretty boring… but I met a couple people who were very nice. Someone even offered me a job!! Although it is in Saudi Arabia…. as an english teacher. woot!! when I first met my family i was trying to figure out how to drag my suitcases. One of them said “Hannah?” To be honest I wasnt thinking of my family… so i was freaking out that someone knew my name. But when I turned around I saw Tolga, Duygu, Nalan, and two of Duygus friends waiting there for me. I was at instant relief that it wasnt some strange person trying to pick me up. cause at that time i was wearing my name tag. which, obviously, has my name on it. Duygu was holding roses!! awwww that made me smile. they all gave me a hug. And if anyone knows me i love hugs. hugs are the best things in the world!! THERE WARM AND COMFORTING. My house is beautiful. wood floors, tile floors, back padio, two story, not to big not small. its perfect. And my family is amazing. I love them! Tolga is soo adorable, Duygu is the sweetest girl in the world. even though there is a barrier between me and my parents i know they like me and i like them. hopefully i can learn the language fast so i can talk with them. well i better go so BYe ❤

Hello world! Meet My Brothers!

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My Bros

My Bros

Me and my brothers a few weeks before I leave for Germany. My brother, Denver, (in the blue) I will not see again til I get back. He is working in Alaska. Cody, (in the white) is at home still giving me a bad time.